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Is your integrated facility control system as secure as it needs to be? If you are concerned about the number of open network ports and VPN access privileges issued just to share live data with other people or systems, then you should consider sensorFact. When you send your live data to sensorFact, you can manage sharing and integration outside the critical systems network allowing you to reduce the exposure of cyber threats and lower your management costs associated with data acquisition.


Whether you have one facility or thousands, you can collect all your live and time-series trend data in one place allowing you to easily manage names, tagging, and descriptive dimensions. Are your control systems different brands and vintages? No problem. When you use sensorFact, all your data can be managed to look the same way so there is no confusion when sharing sensor data from multiple locations and integration with third party systems is faster and easier.


If you need to share sensor data with vendors for a limited time, or share the information with decision management teams long-term, it’s easy with sensorFact. You can choose to share a link to specific sensor data collections that require no login for a predefined period of time from hours to weeks, depending on your need; or choose to make it permanent and require a login. It’s up to you. Sharing data this way means your vendors can complete their work without requiring special access to systems or involving other people.


The power of your control system data is truly realized through analysis and visualization. Whether you’re interested in Energy Management, Utility Bill Reconciliation, Remote Monitoring, Floor Plan Visualization, or participating in the ever growing Internet of Things revolution, sensorFact makes integration simple and secure with our included API. With your account, you can quickly create data subscription web-hooks for light-weight integrations into leading online service providers, or use our full REST API for more custom integrations.

Our Process

Screen Captures of the user experience.

Site locations

As you create site locations, they are automatically mapped.

Manage gateways

Enter and manage your gateways to start collecting data.

Create a pointCollex instance

pointCollex runs near your gateway to continuously poll for sensor updates.

Sensor Points

Manage and tag your point data.

Live readings

Search, filter, and monitor your live sesnor readings.

Integrate your data

Use our API to connect 3rd party applications.

Visualize and analyze

Use apps like SkySpark™ to find what matters.

Go further

Integrate data with work order systems and CMMS.

Our services

Data acquisition solutions for your building control sensors.

Network Security

Network security assessments for Building Automation Systems.

Data Acquisition

Professional Services for challenging projects.


Helping you use sensor data with your other apps.


Have an idea? We write the code so you don't have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions not answered here, please contact us.

sensorFact is a cloud based data acquisition and storage service for sensor data. It allows you to send sensor data from your location, through our pointCollex technology or directly to our pointCollex API, to your account in sensorFact. Once there, you can name, organize, tag, monitor, and choose which sensors whose data you want to store long-term. Further, your sensor data is available for you to share or integrate with other systems.

Not at this time. Any pointCollex data coming from facilities is “one way” only and does not have the ability of transmitting data back into facilities.

Our API is open for our customers, and you really can integrate with any other system you choose. We are always working on specific integration connectors that make it easier. Some common systems that users integrate with are Work Order Systems, CMMS, Mobile Applications, Energy Management Analysis Software, and the like. If you have a system that you want to share your facility data with, let us know and we can help.

Yes. Beyond our standard customer service, we can/will assist in data acquisition setup and custom integration projects.

If your test and balance vendor does not have access to your control system front-end, you can use sensorFact to temporarily share the necessary data with your test and balance vendor so they can verify sensor readings on their mobile devices without needing special access. You can also set an expiration data on the shared data so that access to the sensor data automatically revoked.

Your call center is able to search, filter, and find necessary data in a matter of seconds rather than minutes of drilling through VPN connections and various control system user interfaces. This reduces the amount of time on the phone and allows for many tickets to close without further action. With the rate of turn-over of third-party call center operators being so high, it makes sense to eliminate their direct access to your network and use a service like sensorFact where they see only what they need and it’s far away from the critical building automation system.

As your data comes into sensorFact, we store and hold the most recent ten values for “live” value monitoring and simple instant trend graphing through our user interface. However, you can choose for certain sensor’s values to be stored long term in our time-series database. There, those sensor values are stored at sixty-second intervals in successive order with time stamping.

sensorFact assigns ownership to the entity that owns the sensors that created the data. If you own a facility and the sensors in it, when you send that data to sensorFact, you own that data. We at sensorFact Services honor our data liberation policy which you can read here. Even if someone else pays us to store your sensor data on your behalf, if you own the things that generated the data, then you own the data.

We don’t decide, you do. If you are using our pointCollex agent, it will request a full list of all the sensors/points from your control system and then you can choose what sensorFact does with them. If you are sending data directly to our pointCollex API, it takes what you give it.

We’ve all heard of hashtag (#) which is the way many social media platforms allow users to assign some contextual search term to a posted asset. #Awesome! This simple (sometimes annoying) attribute has caused a revolution in the field of database technology and the way we organize data. Without getting into the details of that here, we can explain how you will use it in sensorFact. As you organize sensors within sensorFact, you can assign both industry specific tags as well as ad-hoc tags to elements like sites, equipment, points, and values. The industry specific tagging makes integrating with third-party systems easier. The ad-hoc tags make searching, filtering, and finding things in sensorFact faster and easier.

Today, we fully support Project Haystack (http://project-haystack.org/) and have a published Haystack API for sensorFact. This is empowered by your tags and opens a new world of systems and applications that also use Haystack for integration.

The simplified concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting things and allowing them to share data. This term is relatively new, but the technology has been around a while, especially in building automation systems. We think that IoT is an important initiative and that existing facilities can benefit further from a safe and simple way to connect to and share data with other things. Today, we focus mostly on facilities and the existing systems that automate their environment, comport, and convenience. We work to create API’s to integrate the data these systems produce with other systems to expand and enhance the reach of their effectiveness, and to reduce the costs associated with such.

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