Get the Most Value out of the Sensors You Already Have

With sensorFact data streaming and integration technology, whether you need reporting, analysis, or full system integration, we collect data and enable services within enterprise applications using existing controls network.

We Enable


Monitoring & Verification


Time-Series Logging


Reporting & Analytics


Automated Work Orders


Predictive Maintenance


Vendor Data Shares

                                        - Providing innovative Data Acquisition, Storage and Integration Solutions -                                                    sensorFact enables Your Software Application to Participate in the (IoT) Internet of Things

Our Process


   Collect + Monitor

Monitor facility information in real-time by collecting data with pointCollex technology.

sensorFact pointCollex technology is designed to be hardware and protocol agnostic. Our software is lightweight, secure, and lives within your network. We wont push additional hardware on you when you simply don't need it!

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Manage + Inform

Inform of system status through sensorFact Manger's ability organize data any way you please.

Once your data is normalized, the possibilities are endless. Trend logs, reporting, sharing, and integration all become powerful new tools in your facility maintenance tool belt.

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Integrate + Decide

Decide which IoT solution is best for you!  We take the worry out of how to integrate to and with data.

Every minute of the day, sensorFact can collect your data and serve it to your tool of choice. Integration services improve operational efficiency for your facility and enable predictive maintenance.

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Would Your Facility Maintenance System Benefit from...

 Live Streaming Updates? Eliminate manual data entry by streaming data directly to your application software.

 Automated Work Orders? Trigger Work Orders using live data notifications, fed straight from facility equipment.

 Predictive Maintenance? Plan repairs and maintenance based on real-time data...before anything malfunctions.

 Unlimited Data Logs? sensorFact time-series data logs keeps entire years of information ready for your use.

 Secure Data Sharing? Group data points together and stream live for anyone who needs visualized data feeds.

Our Team will work with you to customize the right data acquisition solution that meets YOUR specific needs - using your EXISTING Software Tools, along with your EXISTING Hardware & Control Network Platform

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Our solutions set us apart...


 Protocol Agnostic Through our technology platform, we integrate with most control systems on the market.

 Expandable Supports a myriad of disparate brands and vintages of platform - We put all system data together.

 Stand-Alone No controls system required. We bring the data to you.

 Ease of Installation No static IP or port forwarding required, connect to hardware already on site.

 Data Protection Manage data outside critical system networks, reducing exposure of onsite cyber threats.

 Secure Data Sharing Share only the data nessesary by forwarding time-based data feed links.

 Configurable Any point attribute cab be customized for ease of reporting and search options.

 On-Premise or In-Cloud Data is secured and replicated where you need it, either in the cloud or on site.

Talent and Creativity

Our strength comes from employing the most talented workers, and fostering their personal growth and innovation.  Our employee experience crosses many disciplines from Internet Technology to Telecommunications, Automotive, Financial Security, Energy Management, Building Automation to the Internet of Things.  We value the understanding and technology that acrosses each discipline.  Through which, we work to create the most creative solutions through our team... to yours!

Design and Code

sensorFact takes great pride in our technology solutions, design and data platform.  Our tools and partners are strategically selected to provide the highest reliability, most secure solutions, and flexible platforms for our customers use. sensorFact ensures the highest level of data integration, data integrity and data security at all levels.  We look not only take pride in our own platform, but maintain such standards across all systems with which we work and integrate.  This includes wherever we are involved.

Quality and Support

We strive daily to improve operational efficiency, increase preventative maintenance practices, improve system life cycles, improve system reliability and increase data analytics through continuous live data feeds. We ensure and promise secure data connections, consistent data streams, and easily integrated systems through the use of our technology. Check our "system status" page for proven transparency. We work hard to provide solutions of the highest quality, every minute of every day!

Platform Software Architected, Developed, and Supported in the USA

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